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Assetto Dashboard Alpha

Ten days ago I published a video showing the capabilities of the data streaming of Assetto Corsa, now I’ve got something cuter, it couldn’t have been said better, as it’s developed using QT. In the image below, you can see what is an Assetto Corsa virtual dashboard for mobile devices.
Assetto Dashboard Alpha
I’ve been studying about what programming framework would be the best for getting the most availability in the mobile market and it’s been shown up that QT is one of the best choices along with Marmalade SDK.
QT provides libraries that form an abstraction layer over the operating system of the machine where the application will be deployed. This allows the developer to program once and deploy everywhere. The user interface is programmed using language QML, it’s easier than HTML, and is backed by javascript and C++.
Ok, I won’t be boring you with more facts about QT. Let’s see a short video about how the application performs: