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Google Earth KML to CompeGPS Converter


First of all, I want to say that I’m neither associated with GPSBabel, Google nor CompeGPS.

Sometimes, when planning my routes on Google Earth, I want to send the tracks to my device and read it with TwoNav, my favorite outdoor GPS navigator, while it’s recording my route. When I come back home, I use to review it on Google Earth for checking my times.
However, Google Earth and CompeGPS don’t use (at the moment) compatible file types, although both of them can read GPX format, for that matter I use GPSBabel. It converts many GPS file formats, but as I only am interested in that two formats I made an app that eases the process.

GPSBABEL KML2COMPEGPS is a GUI for GpsBabel, which you can find here, where you only have to drag and drop your file in its corresponding image of software and it will pass the parameters to GPSBabel and convert it to GPX with no questions. It will stay on top while you are locating your files.
GpsBabel will store the converted file in the same directory from where you dragged originally your file. The GUI can process multiple files of the same kind, so you can drop 20 files and they will be instantaneously converted.

What you need:
– Files to convert (KML or TRK)

What you don’t need:
– To know the location of installed GpsBabel (this works with version 1.4.4, I don’t know if it will work with further versions, but you can always place the app in the same directory and it will work).