Fixing and unlock of DEC. MODE on Sony Home Cinema systems (at least on DAV-Z260)

I’ve written this article in English for getting the best diffusion of the information in it. I just hope I don’t make too many mistakes.

The problem with these Sony devices is that they get stuck and you cannot enter to menu ‘DEC. MODE’, therefore you cannot change speaker settings like PRO LOGIC or A.F.D. MULTI, so you are only able to listen everything on 2CH STEREO mode. That’s really nasty when you’ve already listened the music coming from every corner of the living room, but not everything is lost, I’ve come up with the solution about how to unlock the system.

While searching in the web, I found even a post where the author told that Sony claim him $180 to fix the failure, just because they think that sometimes electronics devices can fail. But I didn’t think so, at least when everything in the rest of the device was working properly. So I opened the main unit searching for something like a RS232 port, a reset button, or even a reset pin, but there wasn’t any of them in the board.
If there wasn’t any reset the next step was to disconnect every board and connect it again. I began with the LCD board. I know, it’s like killing the messenger, it should only receive IR signal and pass them to the processor and display everything which processor tell it, but I was angry with it. This is the flat ribbon cable that connects the board (on the left side of the circle):

I started to play a little with it, WHEN THE SYSTEM WAS TURNED ON, THIS IS IMPORTANT.
As I plugged it out, obviously the LCD was turned off, but something interesting happened, the LCD displayed some strange words. I did the same again to reproduce the effect. And while the cable was more o less like in the next photo, I was able to enter ‘DEC. MODE’ and change it between all the supported modes like the first day.


I’m not a technician and I’m not responsible for what you break. You shouldn’t open your devices as the manufacturer advice you. This article is based in a true story. If you are so irresponsible to open your device I will only be able to wish you good luck.


3 pensamientos en “Fixing and unlock of DEC. MODE on Sony Home Cinema systems (at least on DAV-Z260)

  1. anonymous

    Guru writes:Thanks a lot, I had the same problem but I was hesitant to try it out. When I tried the steps mentioned above, I was able to enter the DEC MODE and change settings. Thanks a lot, you really saved a lot of bucks for me.23968258



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